Process indicators and field devices for recording, controlling and monitoring

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Written by Fraser Cowie, Product Marketing Manager- Interface

Here some more innovations from Phoenix Contact that are typically used in the process and water industries, but are suitable for other markets and industries. Phoenix Contact has a good range of field analogue products, but this year has seen the range more than double with some fantastic new offers. Please read on to discover what is now available:

Multi-functional process displays – for analogue and temperature signals

Process DisplaysThe FA MCR process display enables you to monitor and display analogue and temperature signals, as well as control, using digital and analogue outputs.

Features of these displays are as follows:

  • Simple configuration of process indicators via the front keypad or use of FDT/DTM software
  • Panel or field (IP67) mounting options
  • Simultaneous display of process values via a bar graph and measuring point designation
  • Identification in the event of error states when the display will change colour to suit.
  • External or loop powered versions
  • EX versions for hazardous areas
  • HART Master functionality
  • DNV-GL approval

Temperature transducersTemperature transducers – head or panel mounted

  • 2 sensor inputs
  • High accuracy (0,1 K with PT100)
  • SIL 2 (SIL 3 1oo2)
  • Push-In connection
  • EX i versions
  • HART enabled
  • Optional display and field housing for head transmitter

For more information of these offers use the web code #1317

Other analogue devices available from Phoenix include the Mini Analogue Pro, MACX analogue and MACX analogue Safety signal conditioners.

MACX AnalogMini Analog Pro

For more information on our measurement and control offer get in touch with Fraser Cowie, by phone on 07584514963 or via email:



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