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Written by Nuno Vasco, Field Sales Engineer- Rail

I have been managing the Rail Industry for Phoenix Contact for over a year now and I can only look back and reflect on the challenges faced by myself.  Also how I have tackled these challenges and removed them from the equation.

In April last year I started investigating the signalling and infrastructure sectors of the rail industry here in the UK and after many discussions, events and networking evenings I have been put on the “right track”. Starting conversations with Network Rail and given guidance through many institutions of which I am a member of the Permanent Way Institution and the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers.

Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) has also given us an added advantage to be able to supply our quality products that customers can be reassured of peace of mind. Our electrical and electronic industrial components and solutions (hardware and software) can be of paramount importance to help alleviate and resolve signalling and infrastructure applications with the latest technological and digital advancements.

Whether it’s terminal blocks you need, power supplies and even cyber security resolutions we at have a technical expert that can advise you on the best way forward. I look forward to next couple of years along with many more conversations as well as debating new technologies with rail industry experts.

Next month I will be attending Railtex on the 15th and 16th May and look forward to seeing you there for a catch up. In June we have Rail Live in Warwickshire and with these two major rail shows here in the UK we can also gauge the rail industry further, but also look forward to seeing how the CP6 budget plays out in the future.

Should you have a need for any rail industry related applications or solutions whether it’s rolling stock or signalling design/builds or you’re stuck without a resolution and not quite sure which technology would help you, please contact me at or tel 07798 561321.



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