Happy 13th Birthday Contactron

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Written by Fraser Cowie, Product Manager- Interface

It only seems like yesterday that we launched the 1st iteration of the innovative and unique Contactron Hybrid Motor Starter, but in fact this year sees its 13th birthday.

The Contactron offer has evolved several times since that starter was released – see if you can remember all the different variants that have been produced since that momentous day:

2008 – the very first 4 in 1 hybrid motor starter is launched. This revolutionary 22.5mm wide fixed speed motor starter has forward and reverse, motor protection and emergency stop functionality.

2012 – this modified version has the functionality of the 2008 version, but with built in fuses for short circuit protection to meet IEC 60947 type 2 co-ordination levels, making it more suitable for plants running 24/7. This model can be mounted on DIN rail or directly fixed to the CrossPower three phase distribution bus bar system.

2015 – the Networkable Contactron became available to connect via a gateway to all popular communication buses, giving customers the ability to network up to 32 motor starters together. This model also has enhanced control and protection capability.

2017 – Our 1st IO- Link version becomes part of the Contactron family.

2019 – the Contactron Professional Modular option was launched utilising the famous Phoenix Contact T-Bus system, allowing 10 off motor starters to be connected on a control busbar, facilitating safe shut down via an interconnected safety relay with safe torque off function.

2020 We launched the networkable (IFS) and IO- Link versions, with integrated fuses for short circuit protection, that can be directly connected to our CrossPower distribution system.

2021 The Contactron CSS Speed starter is our latest variant and our first frequency inverter. It is only 35mm wide and can be set up in as little as 2 minutes!

As you can see from the multiple variants above Phoenix Contact is always evolving and always innovating!

Contactron hybrid motor starters will also last a minimum of 10 times longer than traditional fixed speed starters, so they don’t cost the earth and they won’t take an age to be delivered!

For more information about the Contactron hybrid motor starter please click here or get in touch with Fraser Cowie on fcowie@phoenixcontact.com or on 07584514963.



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