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Written by Mark Lloyd, Product Manager- Power Supplies & Surge Protection

For nearly 10 years, the TRIO combined power supply/UPS has been on the market and has become one of our most popular UPS. This year, it has been given a makeover with the release of the 2nd generation TRIO DC UPS.

Trio UPS

Paraphrasing something I have heard on numerous occasions from customers: “We really like the concept of a combined mains input power supply and 24DC output UPS, but at only 5A we really could do with more power”.

We have made more power available in two ways. Firstly, if there is need for more power on start-up of loads, then the new 2nd generation TRIO UPS has a dynamic boost of 150% for 5 seconds.

2nd Generation TrioHowever, if there is a need for more power continuously, then we have an additional two UPS, one rated at 24DC/10A with a single phase input, and a second 20A/24DC with a 3 phase input.

So in summary, the following rated products are available:

  • Single Phase Input, 5A @ 24DC Nominal rating with Dynamic boost of 7.5A for 5s
  • Single Phase Input, 10A @ 24DC Nominal rating with Dynamic boost of 15A for 5s
  • Three Phase Input, 20A @ 24DC Nominal rating with Dynamic boost of 30A for 5s

Other features common to all include extensive signalling, remote alarm contacts, remote shut down and Battery Start – often called Cold Start, meaning starting up loads directly from the battery making it ideal for mobile applications.

Last, but by no means least, they feature a USB port allowing various configuration options including setting of battery parameters, charge current, PC shutdown as well as setting options for signalling, for communication parameters and for the remote contact.

All of this in a robust, highly compact device giving great space savings over alternative systems where the power supply is separate to the UPS.

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