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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager- Safety & Networks

In just about every area of industry we see the need for lighting in one form or another. Whether its on machines to provide a clear status or warning, to view production through protective doors and barriers or inside a control cabinet so you can safely carry out maintenance or servicing work.

Lighting has become an essential requirement in all of these areas.

Lights installed in control cabinets are not a new thing, but up until now they have been large, expensive and in need of regular maintenance. As a result they have not been considered a necessity, but more of a nuisance.

We have the solution…

Phoenix Contact have a comprehensive range of low cost, low maintenance LED cabinet lighting.

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Phoenix Contact control cabinet lighting uses the latest LED technology to light up the whole control cabinet with at least 50,0000 hours service life and reduced energy consumption.

The range includes:

  • Plug and play cabling
  • Series connection for multiple lights
  • Door switch connection
  • Lighting with integrated power sockets and / or motion sensors(Class 600)
  • 24VDC and wide range voltage options(Class 600)
  • Directional LED window (Class 400)
  • Integrated on/off switching
  • Multiple sizes of light unit and combinations

To compliment the range take your pick of installation accessories:

  • Door switches
  • Cabling solutions for door switch and series power connections
  • Magnetic or retaining hook mounting methods (Tool free)
  • Plug in power supplies(Class 400)

It does not stop with just cabinet lighting. We also offer a wide range of machine and signalling lighting to ensure safety and efficiency on the shop floor.

Take a look at the current brochure and view the full range of lighting from Phoenix Contact.

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