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Written by Fraser Cowie, Product Manager- Interface

Do we really need another range of Variable Speed Drives?

I had a look online the other day and I was astounded by the number of different Variable Speed Drives ( VSDs) manufacturers and the breadth of offer of that is available today!

There is a lot of product out there!

Today’s drive OEMs have a variety of different VSDs for each frame size they do, and then each of these may have options, depending upon the application.

Also, VSDs have become very complex and often require considerable time and a skilled engineer to set them up. They will have a multitude of different parameters that need to be adjusted before they will work and, in many simple applications, these are just not needed.

I always compare drives to washing machines – modern washing machines have lots of different settings, but I bet most people only ever use two or three of them. It’s the same with drives – so why pay extra for functionality you will never use?!

So how do you choose the right VSD and the right manufacturer?

It is very difficult – especially for customers new to frequency controllers, but don’t worry as there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Phoenix Contact have developed a new Speed Starter. They are not VSDs, but they can control the speed and direction of your three phase asynchronous motors. There are only a few variants and they can be set up and working in just a few minutes, by using a simple potentiometer and there is no software in sight!

Not only will the new Speed Starter be simple to set up and operate, but it will also be smaller than most other solutions on the market –starting at only 35mm wide!

So, keep an eye out for the new Speed Starter on our website– they will be here sooner than you think.

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