Automotive supplier Krah relies on NearFi technology

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Wear-free wireless transmission of data and power


The Krah Group, a leading global supplier of power resistors for the automotive industry, has introduced a contactless NearFi power and Ethernet transmission solution. The company, based in Germany, has been manufacturing electronic components since 1970. It specializes in developing products with customers and employs around 2,000 people globally at sixteen production sites. The Krah Group is a founding member of the Automotive Center Südwestfalen e.V. association.

Contactless solution for mobile applications

Contactless solution for mobile applications

Oliver Krause, team leader for automation and control technology at Drolshagen plant, explored alternatives to conventional connectors at Hannover Messe 2022. He discovered contactless NearFi technology for data transmission at Phoenix Contact’s booth. The laser welding machine processes workpieces in four steps. First, the workpieces are inserted, then, the workpieces are aligned with each other. The tolerances are then checked and the workpieces are welded. Finally, the finished workpiece is married and given a barcode. Sensors at each processing station are picked up by a Profinet I/O module, communicating machine states and workpiece positions to the controller. The data forwarding and power supply are contactless, making it wear-free.

Simple startup without configuration effort

NearFi couplers are a new solution for data and power exchange. Offering a flexible and customizable interface. These couplers can be positioned to face each other from any direction and rotate. Reducing the precision needed for mechanical movement. They also display operational readiness with bright LEDs, reducing service calls and maintenance costs. In addition, the contactless solution supports the Profinet Fast Startup function, preventing communication delays. The proximity couplers also offer a simple startup without configuration effort, making them a significant improvement over traditional inductive coupler solutions.

Protocol-independent Ethernet communication with no appreciable latency

Industrial automation relies on Ethernet with a 100 Mbps data rate, but NearFi technology offers contactless and protocol-independent Ethernet connections with low latency. NearFi couplers transmit 50 watts of power and real-time Ethernet data over a small distance, ensuring coexistence with existing wireless technologies like Bluetooth or WLAN. Moreover, Phoenix Contact’s IP65 housing and M12 connections make them suitable for demanding environments. NearFi couplers are ideal for moving applications with high interference risk.

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